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Usually I draw Spirit Guides, but occasionally a relative or someone you know may come through to me. One such example was a request I received from a lady in America asking for a drawing of her Spirit Guide. I sent her the drawing, and received a letter in reply

– I had actually drawn the likeness of a man that she had been researching and writing about at the time. She was so impressed by this that she sent me a photograph of him to prove it.” Corrine

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I found that during the readings the person would often need healing and sometimes it would come through automatically while talking to them. I then started offering separate healing sessions. As I have studied Reiki and other healing modalities, I have an understanding of the energy bodies and the disease process. I started doing healing and was directed by my guides as to what the cause of the problem was and how to address that. My shamanic work helped as well to release trauma and past life issues.

Often one session would start the healing and the person would either have to come back or they would have to look at lifestyle changes, address the stress in their lives or I would give them some insight to work with in their meditations.

The healing has proved so popular that I am very busy in that field. I think it is because with the help of my guides, I can pinpoint with clarity what the problem is and what needs to be done. I also do healing on skype as energy travels.

Over the years I find that new energies come in and take my work goes to another level. I love working with spirit and enjoy helping others in whatever capacity they need.

About Corrine

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