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Psychic Art

Portrait of your spirit guides

I am available to do a spirit guide drawing on a one to one basis, telephone or skype session. The sitting last for an hour. Your portrait will be sent to you and the taped session sent via email. My skype name is corrine.cyster.

The cost of the above is £50.00 further details can be obtained by emailing me at the address below.

Spirit Guide Drawing (0verseas)


Commissioned Paintings

You may like a more in-depth painting of your guide. The cost of this varies depending on the size of the picture; Prices start from £50 and include a written reading.

Mandala Designs

Mandalas have been used for centuries and are an effective meditation aid, using beautiful ancient symbols and their colours.

Prices start from £50.00.

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1-1 Psychic Awareness

1-1 Psychic Awareness £30 the one hour session

helps to develop a psychic awareness through guided meditation and journey work.

1-1 psychic awareness session


Top of Form 3

Greetings Cards

Artwork also available on Greetings Cards £2.00

Spirit Guide Messages
Messages from your spirit guides £30.00 Spiritual advice from your spirit guides. Session taped and sent via email. Skype sessions also available.